no time! :)

Things have been a bit crazy here at the K household. Between my photography , getting ready for our little dude, and chasing my crazy 2 year old around there isn't much time for insightful blogging.
Hopefully this winter while we are couped up and staying warm there will be lots of time to keep you updated on us. For now...here are some of Joz at 2 years! Birthday party pics still to come..I know, I know.


two. boo hoo hoo

So Jozlyn is going to be 2 on Wednesday, but I figure if I just skip that day and pretend it never happened I will have my sweet little 1 year old forever.

Yep...that's what I'm going to do. That's much easier on this mommy.

Really though, I guess Jozlyn is turning into a little girl whether I like it or not. At least we are going to have a celebration this weekend! Lots of pics to come, so stay tuned :)


22 months!

Here's our Joz at 22 months. I can't believe she is going to be 2 years old in less than 2 months and a BIG SISTER in less than 7.

She's talking more and more and comes up with different things all of the time. Lately in the morning after Cal leaves for work she walks around saying, "dada aa wrkkkk" (aka dada's at work). She's not a huge fan of potty training but is slowing catching on. She is doing so great in her big girl bed and loves to take our hands at bedtime and walk us in her room and show us how she can get in all by herself and lay down. She has a small obsession with her grammy lately and gets extremely sad whenever she has to leave, I'm talking crying so hard she can't breathe!

She started private swimming lessons at our gym once a week and LOVES IT. I was a little nervous the first time I took her, wondering how she would do going to the swim teacher by herself without mommy getting in the pool. She literally jumped right in, looked at me and said, "bye bye mamma". The teacher gets such a kick out of Jozlyn and how independent she is, Jozlyn tries to peel the teachers arm off of her because she thinks she can swim on her own already! We are only doing the lessons until the end of July but so far it's been really good for both of us! It's nice for me to see someone else besides family teaching Jozlyn new things, and knowing that Jozlyn listens well and is comfortable with her makes me so happy.


cribs are for babies!

On Friday I put Jozlyn down for her typical afternoon nap in her crib. About 1.5 hrs later I hear a 'knock knock' at her bedroom door...from the inside. Uh-oh! I ran to the door and opened it to find little Jozlyn on the other side just staring at me like "what the heck did I just do?" I didn't hear a thump or anything on the monitor so she must have climbed out like a little monkey but landed gracefully like the sweet polite little girl that she is (oh, come on people..she is!). haha. I hugged and hugged her as we met in her doorway thinking that it could have been a bad situation. Right away I ran to get the tools and pieces I needed to convert that crib to the thing I have been dreading ever since the girl could stand up.... a toddler bed.

Daddy gets home and an hour later we have her new bed all ready. Jozlyn even helped him unscrew the bolts with a crayon. :)

Is it weird that this makes me sad? My first born little baby is no longer in a crib. I was trying not to be that 'emotional pregnant woman' and held back the tears as Jozlyn climbed up into her bed on her own. It seems like just a short time ago we were putting her in that crib for the very first time.

Well, my little toddler is doing GREAT in her new bed. It's such an easier transition (so far) than I thought. Plus, it's one more thing checked off my to-do list before the new baby comes. I'm so proud of my little sweetie pete, and can't believe how she is growing into a little girl right before my eyes.


just a glimpse

here's a just a little glimpse into a typical day with joz and mommy...
lunch time!

i'm a pro at the big girl cup

i use my fork most of the time but still try and sneak in a fist full of food when mommy's not watching.

i have the funniest mom ever!

hanging with her bff, checking things out outside (aka sout-side in jozlyn language)

blowing mommy a kiss

and a hug!! (told you she was a sweetie!)

playing with her favorite toy
you just gotta love the little purse of the lips when she's concentrating. it's her trademark.

hey you! put the camera away already!
that's our 21 month picture update!


it's a good thing jozlyn loves babies!

Jozlyn loves giving her dollies baths, feeding them, changing their diapers..etc. etc. That means I am going to have quite the helper in January. Yep - Jozlyn is going to be a BIG SISTER! We are super excited to be blessed with another addition to our family. We can't wait!

...and Jozlyn always makes sure daddy has plenty of hugs to get him through his days at work.



It's been a while! Here's a little update on us. Jozlyn's growing into a sweet little girl right before our eyes! Her vocabulary is really starting to take off, it's adorable! Jozlyn loves babies and can usually be seen caring one around on her hip. She hardly ever let's you leave without giving you a big smoochers and a "hi" (which is Jozlyn language for hug). She adores her Aunt Sissy and has to call her on the phone at least once a day, along with her Grammy. For the most part she is a social butterfly and loves to entertain! Here are some recent pics of our 19 month old sweetie pie!


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